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Why is Marketing Automation an Important Investment for Your Business?

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Why is Marketing Automation, Is email too old-school to contribute to your company's success in this day of overall digital advancement.

Why is Marketing Automation, Is email too old-school to contribute to your company’s success in this day of Snapchat, Instagram, and overall digital advancement? 온라인카지노

Though headlines hailed the death of email a few years ago, studies show that it is BACK, and marketing automation provides a method to harness email in a way that demands less work but provides more consistency.

What is the State of Email Marketing?

Before we get into the benefits of marketing automation, let’s take a look at what makes email marketing so successful today and why you should think about expanding your email marketing budget.

According to Econsultancy, sales attributed to email marketing increased from 18% to 23% between 2012

And 2016. The proportion of marketing budget funds allocated to email marketing increased from 14% to 15%.

These figures suggest that businesses should consider increasing their investment in email marketing, and that if no automation is used

They may be underutilizing the medium regardless of their spending. Overall, email marketing is expected to return more than $40 for every dollar invested

And 46.5% of roughly 2800 marketers polled by Litmus believe that ROI will be even greater by 2020.

Email marketing is even more efficient when combined with other mediums such as social media.

Customers who saw a Facebook ad AND opened an email were over 20% more likely to purchase, according to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

So, what is the point of marketing automation?

Can you merely send individual emails to customers when you have something to say to them? Sure, but consider the following statistics:

  • Users who receive many open-cart reminder emails are more than twice as likely to make a purchase as those who just receive one. 2016 (Experian)
  • When it comes to remarketing conversion, we notice the highest results when the retargeting email is delivered within one hour of being sent. 2016 (eMarketer) 카지노사이트
  • Revenue can be increased by 760% with segmented campaigns. 2016 Campaign Monitor
  • 85% of individuals want to receive emails from their favorite brands at least once a month. 2016 Campaign Monitor

These are just a few signs that we need to be more engaging with our present and prospective consumers via email

And marketing automation helps us to segment our clients so they get the news they want, when they want it, and at the frequency they want.

Our clients love receiving useful and relevant information, and maintaining contact with them is critical.

They are more likely to buy from us when they need the goods/services we provide if they trust us.

What Is the Process of Marketing Automation?

Companies can use marketing automation systems to prepare whole email campaigns with automated follow-ups based on consumer responses and then let them roll out seamlessly on a fixed timeline.

This form of promotion frees up organizations’ hands, metaphorically speaking, to make personal contact with clients who have specific queries or are ready to make a purchase decision.

As an example:

ABC Company sends a promotional email to its whole email list. There are three alternatives in the email:

Learn more about X, learn more about Y, and learn more about Z.

Companies will be able to follow up with clients depending on their responses thanks to the initiative.

If the company is a general contractor and the options are Roofing, Remodeling, and New Windows

The customer will receive a personalized response and be directed to a special landing page that allows tracking—allowing you to gauge result

And meets the customer exactly where they are: the right information at the right time.

The consumer receives a personalized answer, which eliminates the risk of them falling through the cracks if your response time is too long

Which can happen if you are a small firm with employees working at multiple locations throughout working hours.

As previously stated, customers who receive reminder emails are more than twice as likely to purchase

So businesses may configure their email campaign flows to send a properly targeted message immediately, the next day, and again within a longer time frame. 카지노 블로그

Companies can use monitoring to determine which patterns perform best for their specific industry and audiences.

Businesses are equipped with the tools and information they need to succeed with right adjustments.

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